GEL Series Battery

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  • Wholesale Gel Type Series battery For Sale with good price-Banatton
    Wholesale Gel Type Series battery For Sale with good price-Banatton
    GEL Series Battery. Capacity range: 4.5Ah-250Ah; Voltage range: 12V; Number of cycles(25°C): 30%DOD: 1700 cycles(12V), 50%DOD: 800 cycles(12V), 100%DOD: 400cycles(12V), Can be used in deep/shallow discharge cycle. Low self-discharge rate: 25 °C, less than 2% per month; Long design life: 25°C, floating life of 15 years; Applicable environment: -15~50°C; Operating temperature range: -20~50°C; Recommended operating temperature: 25°C. Good stability and high reliability; Thick plates and high-density active material; High power density; Longer life in deep cycle applications; Excellent recovery from deep discharge; Extremely low self-discharge rate.Application Fields: Telecommunication equipment, Signal system, Emergency lighting system, Security system; EPS and UPS battery backup, Telecom, Solar and wind energy storage system; Firefighting equipment standby power supply, Power station.Banatton Wholesale Gel Type Series battery For Sale withgoodprice-Banatton,Provide project consulting and design.
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